Alex Conradi, Close-Up Magician

Experiencing a moment where virtually every human limit is broken by real magic. Alex Conradi is the man to take you there.
He performs on a 'personal level'; not from a distant stage but right under his public's eyes and into their hands.

He makes evenings a success that people will keep on talking about for years to come.
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Etienne Lorenceau

Magic Historian. Largest international magic library

"I had the good fortune of being able to watch Alex Conradi's coin act: it's not just a series of tricks. It's simply direct, consistent, magical and clean as a whistle."

Michael Rubinstein

Founder of New York Coin Magic

"Alex is a great guy, who I have had the pleasure of spending time with on a few of my tours. He is a working pro, with a love of coin magic."

Peter Biro

Respected Jury Member of the World Championship, FISM

"I was happy to see someone do something other than 3-fly!!!!
He is definitely good."