Making your party memorable!

What about experiencing a moment where virtually every human limit is broken by real magic. Alex Conradi is the man to take you there.
It's not that your group of friends will not understand how it happened, they will positively know that it couldn't be done: just "NO WAY!"
Yet Alex Conradi will have proved under your very eyes that magic could do it, not from a distant stage but right under your friends' eyes and into their hands.

No barriers
After Italy, Alex Conradi is presently based for a few years in the Netherlands.
His sky rocketing success in the magicians' community found its roots on performing a very personal magic that no one had ever seen before. His shows doesn't involve strange boxes or out-dated bizarre magicians' props, but only what you use in your everyday life and, for a moment, with a soul of their own. Enjoy at your home, without the barrier of a TV screen, what other magicians ask him to lecture about at international magicians' conventions and honored him for with international awards.

'Close up and personal'
If your next event deserves being enhanced by a memorable, energetic and thrilling moment Alex Conradi is the charming person you want to have there. Alex Conradi's modern and fresh approach has seen him booked by most of the top Dutch and European companies. He built up a vast entertaining experience for enhancing dinners, balls, banquets, award ceremonies, conferences, lectures and product launches, to make evenings a success that people will keep on talking about for years to come.

A different moment of magic
Whether you wish your friends to share a different moment of Magic from the one you may have seen as a guest elsewhere, or whether you want to prove them that what you related them about Alex Conradi is true, he will make you and your friends, guests or customers more than satisfied.
He has up his rolled up sleeves a variety of Magic acts for romantic engagements, corporate venues weddings, cocktail parties, birthdays, anniversaries, house party, or whatever situation you may want to create.

The Dream Team
A one man show of real Magic, just a one person stand up act... who can enthrall any party, cocktail, business event, special dinner from 10 to 300 people.
For larger venues, Alex Conradi can bring along or can recommend other international level table/close-up magicians. Each and every members in the team known amongst the international magicians community as the Dream Team delivers a 100% sterling performances with a guarantee of quality matching Alex Conradi's standards. The design of the acts reaches very close and very powerful Magic. It provides the finest moments to real world guests, who will remember more than the food at your party but at a much lower cost per head.